What are you doing to keep your body moving and injury free?

Outside of sports impacts and accidents most injuries have a preventable component. Would you rather get treatment for an injury you have sustained that is stopping you from training or working? or avoid the injury altogether?

This is not a hard question to answer, yet much of our treatment approaches are centred around and remains on cure rather than prevention. This is a vital role in healthcare, however focusing on prevention gives big returns, it reduces the use of resources in the healthcare system, reduces absenteeism from the workforce, more time to doing the things we enjoy from gardening to playing cricket or simply picking up the kids.

We know by being strong, mobile, flexible our body functions better, it’s less likely to get injured! In today’s world we have a habit of making things easy, comfortable and more convenient, such as shopping online, playing games on the X-Box, there is so much available that keeps us inactive, the cost of this reduction in movements and challenge on the body leads to reduced ability, fitness and strength.

We are designed to move, a lot.

As the world changes we need to adapt, we need to change our approach to injury management, with the need to utilise and implement preventative actions, to keep strong and able.

Make the changes you want to see your future self will be thankful.