How on earth do you get neck pain through yoga?

A couple of patients on a telehealth video call were desperate for solutions to get rid of neck pain..

How did it happen? It’s simple, the world is getting more and more online with everyone using it for the current everyday solution. Unfortunately, this means when following a routine, in this case it was yoga, they were holding the poses whilst also looking at the screen. The result being irritation to the neck and tension into the muscles.

It didn’t take much to resolve, a plan to mobilise the neck the right way along with exercises to reduce the muscle tension.

This highlights that no matter what we do Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Aerobic and Strength training; posture counts, this new wave of online exercise simply adds a new risk factor when learning or following an online plan.

Take this into account:Never cheat on technique

You can work on load, speed and duration but never at the cost of technique.

Make sure your online device is easy to view from your training position/space.

If you can use 2 devices do so.

Watch the training first to really learn the technique and find the most ideally suited position for your device.

Use a mirror to look at your posture, technique and movement quality.

Ideally work with a coach, even online.

If you start getting a pain, listen to your body this is a message something isn’t quite right.

No Pain No Gain is a myth do not follow this method.

If in doubt get it checked out!

An online physio appointment can:

Assess your posture

Assess your movement pattern

Create a specific rehabilitation plan to reduce your pain, increase function.

A specific plan to mobilise your neck

Give you a plan for a better exercise practise

The confidence to go back to your online training.

I hope that gives you some pointers on how to minimise the risks, any questions or if you would like to have a consultation just book in or message me.

Keep Well, Keep Active