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1: Select

Pick the packae that suits your injury.

2: Assessment

Answer a series of questions about your health and injury via our Telehealth video consultation. 


Based on your assessment a diagnosis is made and a customised rehabilitation program constructed.


Your personal exercise rehabilitation plan is sent to you via our Physio App. 


A follow up to ensure a complete recovery, with the appropiate advice to prevent injury reoccurance. 

How Does Online Physio Work

An online physio appointment maybe suited to you if you are in a remote location, have limited time to travel, limited parking facilities or you would simply prefer a consultation at your convenience at home.

Online physiotherapy consultation has been proven to be as effective process for injury rehabilitation. 

Now we know what you’re thinking – how can Physiotherapy be performed online? Don’t you need to use your hands for treatment?

For some injuries, yes we do, however for many others we can do it remotely, with our online physiotherapy consultation we have taken the whole process digital and online utilising technology to assess, diagnose utilising video consultation, we then structure a program that forms your rehabilitation program based on your needs and injury, this is then reported to you via our physioApp.

Physiotherapy as a whole has moved away from a reliance on electrotherapy machines, and more towards a structured rehabilitation plan that you as a patient carry out under our guidance, here is where you get more information and support via exercise techniques and a dedicated physio App with extensive research to support this.

If we feel you need to see a physiotherapist or other allied health professional in person we will advise the best action to take to gain the best possible outcome.

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Its frustrating when our body is not functioning at its best, and upsetting when we are experiencing pain without knowing why!

We are all so unique and injuries occur for many reason, for this reason our consultations are specific to you with a program based around YOU and your injury.

Let us get you back to enjoying life and loving he things you do, confident and without pain. 

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About online physio..

Whats my experience…

I am an experienced HPC & Chartered physiotherapists, GOsC registered Osteopath,  providing specialist online physiotherapy consultations for people who have musculoskeletal injuries, yet have trouble accessing traditional ‘in person’ physiotherapy care.

With over 25Years experience at the highest level in physiotherapy with extensive experience in providing  injury consultations. My experience allows me to work out exactly what you need to recover, even from a distance. If you require more than an online rehabilitation plan I will discuss and recommend the best pathway.

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Are you ready to take the next step to becom pain free?

Our Physiotherapist will help you become pain free and mobile.

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